Let Love Flower

In the infinite ocean of the universe,
        floats Noah’s ark like a leaf,
All around is infinite, eternal darkness.
We six billion people,
        and all the accompanying life,
        travelling in the same ark,
        one depends on the other for life.
We are friends and are brothers and sisters.
One’s grief is everybody’s.
One’s tragedy is everybody’s.
One’s pain is everybody’s.
We were separated so long.
Our skin is counted in five different colours.
We speak in more than ten thousand dialects.
And we believe in God, each in their own way.
We have brutally slaughtered our own brothers.
Cruelty and hate have made our reason blind.
At last we know our brother
And the family is once more united.
Love lights up the heart like sunshine.
Cruelty and hate are banished.
We are one huge family,
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